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Emerging Leaders Connect is on a mission to empower future leaders with the right skills to manage their careers as they start out their journey into progressive leadership positions. An initiative born out of a passion to help young people in their career journey, by building a community of inspired and empowered future leaders ready to make an impact in the corporate world.

Get ahead in your career with some guidance

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Develop Your Skills
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Advance your career
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Build and lead a sustainable business

Leverage mentorship to accelerate your career:

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Shorten your learning curve in your career journey, open your mind to new ideas and leadership possibilities, develop the right relationships, identify opportunities and advice on how to promote yourself.

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Unlock your leadership potential, get ahead by being strategic with your actions .

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Lead with passion and confidence having honed the right skills, give back by building others. Dream, Act and translate your vision into reality.

Join us at Emerging Leaders Connect, where we:

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Connect future leaders with the right mentor

Always have a brain to pick , an ear to listen and some one to push you in the right direction because with careful guidance and mentorship you reach your highest self.

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Build a network of future leaders

Be part of a strong network you can leverage, to learn and share as your grow.

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Focus on personal & career development

Have access to several trainings and workshop on personal and career development, grow your personal brand and become a voice of influence.

Meet Your Coach

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Ngozi is a HR specialist with over 10 years corporate experience in financial services and Human Resources were she is currently helping organizations attract great talent, Ngozi is also a busiess development coach for new start ups.

"Starting out with no plan other than getting a great job landed me `that job`, that was all I could see and that was what I got but of course it didn’t take so much time to realize that was not all I wanted.I am a strong advocate of starting out right and believe that uncovering your potential at an early stage in your career creates a world of possibilities where you can truly get satisfaction from your career. If you spend more time in your career; 5 days a week, and more than 30 years of your life, why not strategically position yourself to enjoy this aspect of your life.You have so much in you that makes you valuable and indispensable".

I would love to help you navigate as you start out to uncover your potential. My guidance would empower you with the right skills and leadership because I have a proven record of doing this and because I believe in you.

Upcoming events

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The Future Ready Leader Oct 30th

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ELC Mentorship Program Nov 27

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The Future Ready Leader Jan 29



“I met Ngozi at a time when I was almost giving up on my business, her sessions were so insightful and instructive. She enabled me think strategically which has completely revolutionised my business and perspective. Through her support we have made profit in Covid which we didn’t think possible. Having her as a coach was one of the best decisions that I have made ”

-Angelina Ikeako

Golden Links Educational Consultants

"Ngozi was invaluable in helping me determine the next action of my career transition.She was extremely hepful in developing my resume,constantly sending me job offers and also encouraging me to take up graduate programs for my career path. I'm forever grateful for her guidance and I will reconmmend her to anyone who is looking to make a career transition into Human Resources"

-Chiamaka Gift

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